A Blend of Leisure and Fun: Exploring Tropical Thailand

Digging into the tropical fantasy, Thailand

The northern part of Thailand is drenched in the exquisite beauty of nature sprawling acres and manifesting in different geographical features. As you visit the places, be sure to prepare a roadmap to shorten the journey time and carry ointments to salvage the most during your stay here!

Explore Chiang Mai on Bicycle 

Chiang Mai is remarkable in the annals of history as the once prosperous capital of the centuries-old Lanna Kingdom and for its rich architecture, mountains, laid-back life and night markets. Enveloped by the ancient walls of Lanna, besides ancient architecture construed in stunning designs, the old city offers a plethora of leisurely places which could be navigated on a bicycle. Chiang Mai has an interesting line-up of parks and reserves, museums and markets. You could birdwatch, experience the abandoned vistas or just be as the temperature starts to dwindle in the city.

Embark on Mae Hong Son Sojourn 

While Chiang Mai is the starting point for the tropical rendezvous, the next destination Mae Hong Son makes for a wonderful choice. The quaint town of Mae Hong Son is dotted with Burmese and Lanna-styled temple architecture, hill tribe villages, trekking points and hot springs. The beautiful Pang Ung Lake offers a tranquil escape to whoever is looking for an immersive tropical experience. Before reaching the lake, you would be traversing the idyllic village of Maehongsorn— a visual retreat in essence!

Travel to Koh Phi Phi 

From Mae Hong Son, Koh Phi Phi is easily accessible by bus, ferry, car or train. The island is beaming with nature’s abundance. Pristine beaches, bamboo islands and mighty cliffs enhance your sensations of the mighty Arabian Sea. Koh Phi Phi is an uninhabited island which further adds to its tropical vegetation and postcard beauty. The island plays host to many picturesque viewpoints, mysterious caves and underwater marine life which add a different dimension to your tropical tour.

Take A Motorcycle Ride in Koh Muk  

The ferry ride from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Muk is as mindboggling as you could expect while basking in the beauty of tropical Thailand. Once there, the island welcomes you with its emerald caves, isolated beaches, sunset decks and diverse landscape features. Koh Muk’s golden hour is sublime and you could simply be here—present and living the moment, as the gorgeous and still beaches offer you stunning sunset views. The entire island is painted in a mellow yellow elevating the everyday to a rare, cinematic beauty.

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