8 Unique Jobs That Exist Round The World

If you thought the world was just about working in a corporate office, think again. Here are some unusual jobs that exist that in the world.

As kids, we always aspire to be an astronaut or doctors, but as you grow, you realize there are many options to go for. Different surroundings demand different kinds of works that people fill in for around the world. Here are some of the most bizarre works that people have been doing perfectly with their unique talents.

Professional Pusher

Japan is a very highly hardworking country. It ensures that its citizens arrive at the office on time. This is why Japan employs people to push others onto trains to ensure that no one is delayed for work.

Professional Stand-In-Liner

For as long as there are queues throughout the world, Narabiyas (Japanese for stand-in-liners) will not go out of style. They will be happy to wait in long lines for you, as long as you pay them.

Professional Sleeper

Professionals who sleep soundly while researchers conduct research on sleep disorders. This is definitely the most relaxing job you can have on earth.

Deodorant Tester

They are professionals who stick their noses in other people to check the effectiveness of deodorants in fighting odors. Maybe this is not as pleasant as it sounds!

Water Slide Tester

All work and no play can make Jack a dull boy. But not in this instance, since Jack’s job involves lots of time in the water. Water Slide Testers must examine every aspect of safety and ensure that the rides are completely safe. There’s always medical insurance available for those who suffer a fracture to one or two bones.

Paper Towel Sniffer

Paper towel makers ensure that their products do not smell sour before, during, or after use. They manually sniff it! How do they ensure that their rolls don’t have any unpleasant smells after use?

Professional Cuddler

If you’re in Japan and miss your family, you can pay a little cash, and you can snuggle and sleep. Imagine being paid for a cute hug!

Car Plate Blocker

Iran has employed a bizarre policy to reduce congestion on roads in which vehicles with plates that end with odd numbers and even ones are permitted on roads only on alternate days. Iranians employ people to travel behind their cars so that cameras do not take their plates!

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