8 Things Your Doctor Won't Tell You About An MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a valuable tool in medical advancement. Here are some lesser-known things about the process. Once you are scheduled to undergo an MRI, thousands of questions will surround your mind. The person in charge only tells you to remove your belts, jewelry, and other clothing that has metal zippers. However, here is the information you need to know that the doctors might not say. MRI Is Very Loud Expect banging and clanging jackhammer sound during the MRI ranges between 82 and 118 decibels. Bring your own silicone or foam earplugs, or request the earplugs before going into the MRI tube. Children and adults who may be scared by the sound might require the aid of sedation to remain still during the examination. A Lengthy Process It could take more than you anticipated. In some instances, a 15-minute procedure could turn into an unending hour. Therefore, make sure you take the bathroom break and eat snacks before the process. Anxiety May Set In It is possible to feel scared and anxious. It is also possible to feel suffocated within the MRI machine. It's helpful to keep your eyes shut through the process. Make a point of thinking of funny things, or think about pets or people you cherish. Some people are benefited from using anti-anxiety medications before an MRI. Get Rid Of All Jewelry Loose metal objects can hurt the patient when you undergo an MRI as they are pulled towards the powerful MRI magnet. All jewelry needs to be removed and not just the visible ones. Do Not Wear Any Makeup Certain cosmetics contain elements that interact with MRI magnets. Therefore, during the time of your MRI, don't wear any makeup or nail polish. Also, avoid hair products, and eliminate sunscreens and antiperspirants, which have metals in them, to ensure your safety. Inform Your Doctor About Tattoos That Are Hidden While undergoing MRI, there can be eye or skin irritation and even first-degree burns. The dyes in tattoos or tattooed eyeliner start to heat up. It is unlikely that covering them will assist, and if burns or irritation develop, the MRI must be stopped immediately. Relax And Unwind Due to MRI radio waves, many patients report feeling hot during the procedure. The temperature could increase by one degree; however, don't be concerned that it's not a risk. It Could Be Necessary To Repeat It Again If you are moving even by inches in your MRI, the pictures might have to be retaken and the procedure restarted.