8 Bollywood movies with the worst use of CGI

Here's a list of eight Bollywood movies that failed terribly in their attempts to use CGI. CGI or Computer-Generated Imagery is the application of computer graphics to create special effects in movies, television shows, shorts, commercials, video games and more. With this technology, filmmakers from all around the world are now achieving what would have been seemed impossible years ago. While Hollywood and some other film industries have taken the use of CGI to the next level, Bollywood is still far behind in this matter. Aside from a little number of movies including 'Padmaavat', 'Fan', 'Dhoom 3' etc., most of the Bollywood movies have incorporated CGI in complete ridiculous manner. Jaani Dushman: 'Jaani Dushman' surely comes atop the list as it's packed with poor CGI scenes. Be it the scene where the bride turns into a skeleton or the sequence where the Nag Devta is flying in the air; this film's use of CGI is too hard to digest. Rudraksh: The Sanjay Dutt starrer 2004 movie 'Rudraksh' has numerous flaws in its execution. And the terrible CGI use (such as the computerized Himalayas, laboratories, the hypnotic rat and more) is the biggest negative aspect of this film. Vaah! Life Ho to Aisi: While the film entertained all the 90's kids across the country, its bad use of CGI still gets criticized by all. The computerized buffalo shown in this movie is not even close to the standard morphological description of real buffaloes. Aabra Ka Dabra:While some people compared 'Aabra Ka Dabra' with the 'Harry Potter' movies, its poor CGI treatments are far away from that standard. The use of CGI stands out as the worst part of this movie. Mohenjo Daro: Remember the fight sequence between Sarman (played by Hrithik Roshan) and a crocodile in the opening scene of this Ashutosh Gowariker film? The scene not only lacks logic, but also is an example of poor CGI application. Half Girlfriend: This Arjun Kapoor - Shraddha Kapoor starrer movie features a scene where Bill Gates' face is imposed with CGI onto a random person. Well, just like the idea, the use of CGI in this scene is really terrible. Kalank: Even after creating a lot of buzz with the trailer, 'Kalank' ultimately became a huge failure at the box office. Along with several other negative aspects, the poor CGI treatment (especially, the bullfight scene of Varun Dhawan) in this film can also be blamed for that. Manikarnika: Starring Kangana Ranaut, 'Manikarnika' could have been a perfect movie on women empowerment. It’s certainly far from the standard, also the battle scenes featuring Rani Lakshmibai look absolutely ludicrous due to the poor use of CGI. The list also includes some other movies like 'Rustom', 'Creature 3D', 'Krissh 3' etc.