7 tips you should follow after a hair spa

Got a hair spa? Scroll down to know what you should do now to maintain your hair.

Hair spa is a therapy that improves your hair quality by restoring the essential oils and moisture to its roots. Also, it regulates blood circulation in your scalp, removes dandruff, flushes out the impurities from the pores and repairs hair damage. But just after a spa, your hair needs proper care as it becomes more sensitive. So, we have listed down some amazing tips that you should follow after your hair spa treatment.

Cover your hair: If you leave your hair open after a spa, it might get ruined by the sunlight and pollution. So, cover your hair whenever you step out of your home, as this would protect it from the pollution and maintain its moisture.

Don’t wash your hair frequently: Many of us do the mistake of washing hair right after the hair spa treatment. As your hair needs time to absorb the nutrition from the treatment, washing it immediately damages the hair and removes all the oils, moisturization and protein from it. So, avoid washing your hair for at least 3 days after a hair spa.

Wash hair with only cold water: We all love to take hot shower. But if you do this right after a hair spa, it would result in ruining the benefits of your treatment. This removes all the moisture from your scalp and leaves it dry. So, use only cold water to wash your hair.

Oiling: As your hair is deeply moisturized through the spa treatment, you do not need to oil it for a couple of days. But after that, apply oil to your hair regularly as it helps keeping the hair smooth and shiny.

Don’t use chemicals: A lot of nutrition is given to the hair in the spa treatment. So, immediate use of chemicals on hair might ruin the advantages of those nutrition on your hair. Avoid using chemicals or any other style products on your hair after a hair spa.

Don’t use shampoo directly: First of all, don’t use shampoo for at least three days after a hair spa. Then, while using shampoo, don’t apply it directly as it might harm your hair. Add some water to your shampoo, mix it properly and then apply the solution on your hair. Also, never forget to use conditioner and serum after shampooing.

Diet: What you eat does have an impact on your hair. And as your hair becomes sensitive after a spa, it’s important for you to eat light and healthy. Avoid eating spicy foods as they might harm your digestive tract and result in damaging your hair.

Also, maintain a proper haircare routine in order to enjoy the maximum benefits of the hair spa treatment.

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