7 Tips on how to be funny

Being great at humour can be learnt, to a certain degree. Some of us might agree that being funny comes naturally, and that it can’t be taught. And it is kind of true. Your comedic chops need not come to a halt just cause you weren’t carved out of a funny bone. Being funny is not an easy task but it isn’t that hard to become “that funny guy” of your social circle. Humour can be honed with a little practice. Here are a few tips on how to be funny. Use truth as the punchline Element of truth always makes you LMFAO. Ever notice that you laugh at things you can relate to? Maybe a truth about women, children, political issues – anything that has truth underneath the laughs will hit harder. Use the Rule of Three Rule of Three works like a tried and proven method to being funny. When you want to be funny, say things in groups of three, leaving the odd one for the last. Try this: If someone asks you “How was your day?” instead of answering “It was good”, try the Rule of Three and say “I had ausual day. Worked out at the gym, went to work, and then questioned if we live in a simulated environment”. Cute vs Scary works too Combining cute and scary makes people react in surprise and heightens the funny. Watch more stand-up comedies It is believed that watching more stand-up comedies will sharpen out senses and make us hone out the punchlines. Stand-up comedians take ordinary situations and situate the humour in them. Watching them turn usual everyday things into a funny thing and studying shows will help a lot. Everyone loves a good pun If everything else fails, knock everyone out with well-intended puns. Puns are hilarious and people mostly react to them with laughter. They are super successful, intended puns that are super literal are accepted well with humour. Be prepared to bomb Accept the fact that not everyone will get your joke, not everyone will laugh. Some might find your puns too rigid, or your element of truth not relatable and when that happens don’t be too hard on yourself. Know that humour needs to have an open-minded audience and you need to bomb once in awhile to hone your jokes. Turn personal stories into great material

Underwent something sad, happy, cringy? Turn them into a conversational stream of consciousness kind of comedy and make comments on them. Tap into the personal, add funny commentary and give it a funny twist.