7 tips how you can gain more followers on Instagram

7 tips how you can gain more followers on Instagram

Using Instagram since a long time but still lacking enough followers? This article may help you.

The formula is simple; the more Instagram followers you have, the more access you have to people. Today, many companies around the world are using Instagram for their business purposes, the number of your Instagram followers helps to build your brand identity and then, you can also use this platform for business purposes. Here, we have gathered some amazing strategies which may help you to gain more followers on Instagram.

  1. Make an attractive profile: It’s obvious that the most important step to gain more followers on Instagram is having an attractive and fully optimized Instagram account. Put a proper username and attractive profile photo, set an impressive bio and only then, people will start noticing your profile.
  2. Target Audience: First, fix your purpose why you want more followers and then, define your target audience accordingly. Understand their age, background, jobs, time when they use Instagram etc and then, it will be easier for you to understand what kind of content you should post.
  3. Content Calendar and Schedule: To gain more followers on Instagram, you have to post consistently but not randomly. If you just post haphazardly, it will end up spamming your followers. So, make a proper content calendar and post contents sincerely. Also, understand the Instagram algorithm and post at the right times, so that your contents get more reach and visibility.
  4. Use proper hashtags: Using the right and relevant hashtags is one of the most effective ways to gain more followers on Instagram. The proper hashtags help your contents to reach to a larger number of people and also, people can find your posts more easily. So, include as many relevant hashtags as you can and see the result.
  5. Promote your account: Simply, do everything you can, in order to make your Instagram profile easily discoverable. Add your Instagram account with your other social networks and websites, promote it everywhere and help people to find you more easily.
  6. Content and Captions: As quality is always better than quantity, post contents that will attract and engage people. Understand the interests of your followers and post accordingly, it will also help you to gain more likes, comments and shares. Also, just an attractive picture or video of yours is not enough, put interesting captions that will enhance the quality of your content. Make sure that your caption should be short, crispy and funny.
  7. Collaborate with others: Last but not the least, team up with other brands and find ideas how you can work together on Instagram. This will help you gain a lot of new followers.

So, follow all these steps and enjoy a huge popularity on Instagram.

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