7 Things You Should Never Ever Wash With Dish Soap

As convenient a washing everything with dish soap seems, it is a serious no-no for these products. Go through this list to know the things you should never wash with dish soap.

We are the generation who has seen our fathers wash their car with shampoo, seen our grandparents scrub stubborn curry residue with sand, and our moms wash everything clean with dish soap alone. We can’t blame them as they did not have as many products as we do, but for us to indiscriminately wash everything with dish soap will cost us way more eventually. Here is a list of things you should keep away from your dish soap.

Moka Pot

Dish soap leaves behind residues that could be pretty challenging for you to clean up even after rinsing. When it comes to coffee, no one likes soap aroma mixing with the smell of freshly brewed beans. With time, scrubbing will remove the essential oil from the pot and make your coffee taste bland.


As sudsy as dish soap is, it will only damage your machine. Dishwashers have a unique formula designed for them, and it is advisable not to experiment with any other cleaning agent other than it.

Washing Machine

If you thought cleaning the washing machine with dish soap was a good idea, think again. It will only result in an overflow of bubbles and not clean your machine any better than with regular detergent.

Your Car

Even though people use dish wash to clean their cars, in the long run, it will only wipe out the paint and cause irreversible damage to your car.

 Windows And Mirrors

Dish wash does an excellent job in removing dust and dirt from your glassware, but it can also cause a stain that is hard to remove later. It is better to use glass cleaners that clean them without causing any marks.

Cast Iron Skillet

Dish soap strips off the seasoned layers of oil from the surface, and that gets reflected in the taste of your food. The only way to clean cast ironware is to put salt in a warm skillet and rub it with a paper towel.

Hardwood Floors

Cleaning the surface of your hardwood floor with dish soap will leave the surface scratched. You can vacuum and sweet the dirt and simply mop it with water.

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