7 Popular Brands That Sound Indian But Are Not

We are the generation who have grown up seeing advertisements of these popular brands that we thought were of Indian origin but aren't! Brands play an integral part in your life, and there might be a favorite brand that has been a favorite in your family through generations. Go through this list and be ready to be startled, for none of these brands are actually from India! Seeing the advertisements of these brands have left a significant mark in our memories, and some of them felt so homely that you may have believed they were of Indian origin.  Bata Everyone's favorite Bata is also the most popular shoe brand in India. It is a staple from the most significant cities to the smallest towns. This is why we were shocked that the brand is located in Switzerland and was established by 1894 Zlin, Moravia, a family of cobblers. Hindustan Unilever The brand Hindustan Unilever is the source of almost everything found in Indian homes. From detergents and soaps to Ice cream and coffee, they manufacture anything you can think of. Although it has the word 'Hindustan', the company is an affiliate of the British-Dutch conglomerate. Bose Speakers If you think Bose Speakers originate from Bengal, you are mistaken. The world-renowned audio products firm is a privately owned American brand with its headquarters within Massachusetts. It was named after Amar Bose, an American of Indian origin, in 1964. Colgate The toothpaste each member of our family owns is manufactured and owned by Colgate-Palmolive, an American worldwide consumer products company. No doubt the Indian advertising agencies have done an amazing job in making it feel homely. Indian Motorcycles Who wouldn't associate this business with the literal 'Indian' in its name! However, the word "Indian" refers to the indigenous people in America, and not Indians. Reynolds Are you able to recall the first time that you changed from using a pencil to a ballpoint pen? Milton Reynolds manufactured and launched the first ballpoint pen made in the US in 1945. Famous for its iconic design, Reynolds is a forever household name. Boost When you think about Boost, and we are reminded of an adolescent Sachin and his catchy phrase, "Boost is the secret of my energy!" It's no wonder that we ran back home after school for this. Boost is part of Nestle and has its origins deep in valleys within Switzerland.