7 Perfect Gift Ideas For The New Born

Welcoming a newborn without a goody is so not the Indian style! Here are the choicest list of gifts to make yours stand out in the crowd!

Choosing a gift has always been a challenging task, especially when it comes to babies! Until you have a kid in the house, determining what could come of use for an infant feels nothing lesser than a mammoth task. Trying to select a practical gift that will be remembered by the parents? Here is the perfect list of gifts to give the newborns to make your present both unique and useful.

  1. Portable Baby Bed-
One thing parents do is carry the baby around everywhere they go. Giving them a pretty portable bed is going to make a wonderful gift to give to an infant. Make sure the material is sturdy and durable. Choose a light colour and preferably get one with the attachable mosquito net. Wrap it up in a bright red paper, and it will be the first one the baby will notice!
  1. Baby Clothing-
The cute clothing will surely make you go awwwwww… get a pair of matching rompers, socks, cap and mittens and the baby will totally look like a doll. Make sure you choose the materials carefully. Cotton works best for infant skin and having light colours with baby patterns will look the cutest.
  1. Baby Carrier-
One thing baby parents will always appreciate has a sturdy and durable carrier. It leaves your hands free and lets you do work while having your kid near you. You can choose from both sling and backpack style.
  1. Baby Bath Products-
Kids love bathtime. Make it unique by making a kit of baby shampoo, soap, towel, and a rubber duck! Make sure these are apt for infant use and do check the quality before wrapping it up!
  1. Swaddle Cloth-
Kids never get tired of soiling their blankets, and we could never have enough of them! Getting a set of swaddle of five different colours is going to be the most wanted gifts you could ever gift newborn parents.
  1. Feeding Essentials-
There is no end number to how many spoons, bottles and bowls a child would need. Getting them in a lovely hamper is going to save the new parents the burden of boiling the same utensil over and over again.
  1. Gift Card-
Other than travel kit and blankets, if you are still confused about what to gift, just get a gift card for the parents to get the gift they would actually need.