7 Interesting Facts About the Silicon Valley Of India

Silicon Capital of India- Bengaluru. The unique facts that make the city stand out from the rest of the world.

The capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru is the 4th highest GDP contributor after metropolitans like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. The IT major city is an energetic cosmopolitan with its all year pleasing climate. The numerous lakes, restaurants, cafes, gardens, malls and 900m elevated ground make it ideal for creating a home there. Here are the fascinating facts about the city that will surely pull you to visit the town next.

  1. Located On Higher Altitude-
Located at 3000 ft. above sea level of the Deccan plateau, Bangalore enjoys a moderate climate all year round. The valleys and hills surrounding it make it ever so pleasant. The numerous parks and lakes make it a must for nature lovers to spend quality time in the city.
  1. The IT Hub Of India-
Once the abode of green farmlands, Bangalore is now home to the most prominent international and domestic tech companies homing jobs for software engineers across the country. The city alone employs over 12 million people. 40% of the concentrated IT industry encourages students to move to the city for better employment.
  1. City Of Gardens And Lakes-
Home to over 170 clear lakes and gardens that are the epitome of quiet, you can indeed find yourself peace in this city. The co-existing ecosystem amidst the high tech life is commendable and appreciated in the city.
  1. The First Electrified City-
Back in 1906, Bangalore was the first city to be electrified. Powered by the hydroelectric plant in Shivanasamudra, 125 km from Bangalore, KR Market was the first place in India to be lit.
  1. The Oldest Drainage System-
After being officially founded by the municipal body, Bangalore was the first city to lay drainage system and make the town sanitary and clean. It also portrays the expertise of builders since olden days.
  1. The Highest Concentration Of Temples In The World-
The multi-religious cosmopolitan has about 1000 holy places that celebrate all faiths and cultures. The grand architectures and antique monasteries are ideal places to rejoice history.
  1. Birthplace Of Bangalore Torpedo-
The Bengaluru torpedo is an explosive made with tubes to clear obstructions on the road. Also called the banger, it provides quick access to trouble-prone areas and keeps the resident’s safe at all times.