7 Home Robots Designed To Make Your Life A Lot Easier

If you dreamt of a life in future where you would live with robots, now is the time. Here are some robots designed to make your life easier.

Robots at home aren’t just in futuristic television shows or movies nowadays. Certain robots look like humans and are running on artificial intelligence, and others are like flying saucers helping humans get pictures of things they cannot reach in person.


Asimo is a robot that is humanoid developed in the year 2000. It was the first social robot. It is able to interact with humans in general. It can also detect moving objects, and can comprehend the surroundings, postures, and gestures. They are now physically capable of running, walking and can even take the stairs.


Paro is an animal-like therapeutic baby seal robot. The adorable Paro can help to soothe the patient in nursing homes, hospitals and other facilities. The robot is used for animal-assisted therapy, and is especially beneficial for those suffering from dementia. It is able to make eye contact and respond to a person’s touch. Paro can also give a reaction through its tail, and the eyes closing and opening.


Handle is the iconic Segway robot with a maximum speed of 9 mph, even in snowy terrain. Handle can also carry 100 pounds with ease and run over 4 feet in a straight line. Because the robot is equipped with legs and wheels, Handle goes up to 15 miles on one charge.


Walker robot is scheduled to be released by 2020 by UBTECH. Walker is a bipedal intelligent humanoid robot. Its height is 1.45m and it interacts with humans and has the ability to be able to walk and grab objects within it. When it is released the first robot that is commercially viable will be available to be purchased.


Buddy is the ultimate human companion, as well as a personal robotic assistant. Blue Frog Robotic designed Buddy to interact, connect, and secure the home. It takes care of your home when you are away, and will entertain your children through games and interactions.


Big Dog is one of the most talked about Boston Dynamic Robot created by Foster-Miller and the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and Harvard’s Concord Field Station. It is a Big Dog has four legs rather than wheels, a variety of sensors and a laser gyroscope and an stereo vision system.


The Asus Zenbo robot is a home-like health assistant. Zenbo manages devices at home and also monitors them using the security feature. It communicates with people with regards to health issues and offers solutions.

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