7 Common Eyeshadow Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Are you new to using eyeshadows and don’t want to end up making a mess? Here are some common mistakes you should avoid making with it.

Even though eye shadows comes third in the line of popularity after eyeliner and kajal, it does define the depth of your eyes and makes you look absolutely stunning. Eyeshadow looks like it’s the most accessible makeup product, and a just swipe of it eyeshadow on your lids and you are done. But in reality, we all make mistakes from time to time, especially with the variety of pigments and bold colors. Here are the top pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Match Your Eyeshadows To Your Eye Color

A common rule is that eye colors are best matched with eyeshadows on the opposite side. Because red and green are complementary colors, green eyes look great with burgundy shadows. You can try a similar shade if you want, but it won’t overshadow your iris.

Not Blending

Mixing colors, one or two on each lid and one on the brow bone, creates gorgeous results. If there is a sharp line between the colors, it can look messy and unfinished. Use a shadow brush to blend every shade.

Use Applicators That Come With The Shadow

Many eyeshadows have mini applicators that make it simple to apply while on the move. A makeup brush is the best choice for blending the product. A sponge-tip applicator can apply a lot of pigment simultaneously, while a makeup brush lets you add product slowly and blend as you go.

Do Not Apply Too Much Below The Eye

Make sure to only apply shadow along the lower lash line. Additional products can make the eyes look tired and dingy.

Apply Eyeshadow After Concealer

Apply your eyeshadow first before applying your concealer. If you risk letting the shadow fall on your eyes it could ruin all your hard work. Apply concealer to the under eyes by rubbing it down below the lower eyelid.

Shimmery Shadows For Aging Lids

Frosty shadows are light-reflecting and draw attention to wrinkles. You can choose flattering matte or satin finishes products rather than the bright colors.

Mascara And Skipping Liner

The eye needs contrast. Eyeshadows are not enough. Eyeliner and mascara with dark colors frame the eye, creating an outline. Shadow brightens the eyes and opens them up.

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