6 Ways to Make Friends With Street Cats

The best ways to befriend a furry little guy on the street and see the paw-some friendship develop in no time!

Longing to get a soft cuddly kitten home? Getting a cat to accept you as his family can be tricky as they like their own space and are often tagged as introverts, but does that mean they are any less affectionate? Here are the tricks to do and some facts to know about your soft friend that will help you understand them better and befriend them without any fuss.

  1. Playtime After It Gets Dark-

Most of us misinterpret the nocturnal creatures thinking playtime ends when the night falls. You might exult an evening by the fireside with your feet up and a cat lying on your lap, keeping you warm, but that is not how it works for most cats. Your fur friends have a relatively active hunting instinct that keeps them alert after dark. All the pent up energy after being lazy all day comes to an end when you get weary after all your chores, and that is the time your cat will want to play the most with you.

  1. Catering Service-

Your feline friend will bond almost overnight with the person who serves them food. The time set will be a permanent deal, and your furball will almost immediately remind you by waking you up to an empty bowl if food is not served on time!

  1. A Cosy Place To Sleep-

Cats will fall asleep, almost everywhere. You must have noticed they tend you like your fresh laundry or woollen clothing the most to lie on. Prepare a cosy corner for them with a lot of cushioning to feel comfortable and at home.

  1. Keep It Clean-

You must have noticed how many times your furry friend spends grooming themselves and keeping tidy. A dirty smelling room is something your cat will never settle for. Try to keep it as sorted and clean as possible.

  1. Find The Secret Spot-

Spend an entire afternoon figuring out the place where your cat likes to be cuddled. It’s not the same for every cat. Some like being pet on the head, on the back, under the chin and weirdly on their tummy!

  1. Wait For Them To Want To Be Cuddled-

For most feline animals, their privacy means a lot to them. They might not be in the mood to be petted or cuddled and will scratch you if they feel cornered. Giving them a lot of privacy ensures their own time, and they will trust you more.

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