6 Ways to Be Prepared for Seasonal Allergies If Pollen Count Spikes

If you are a person who is allergic to pollens, here are some measures to take to keep yourself free from the allergens in the air. Spring is the time of the year when the weather is moderate, there are flowers around, a perfect day to bask in the ground, eh? Well, ask someone who is allergic to pollens. They will prefer locking themselves in their room and not coming out till the season changes. As common as pollen allergy is, here are some strategies to manage the pollens. If It's Windy, Stay Inside And Warm The number of pollens rises when it's warm, dry, and windy, so you should keep it inside if it's a breeze outside. The highest pollen count is during the morning, and so if you are required to go out, try to do it when pollen counts are low. Be Aware Of The Pollens You're Allergic To If the allergies are seasonal, it is essential to identify exactly what you're allergic to make the right choices. If you know you are allergic to oak pollen, make sure you stay away from the tree the whole season. Begin Your Regimen Of Medication In The Early Hours Of The Morning If you are aware of your allergies every year, you should begin your treatment around a month before the particular allergy season begins. This way, any medication will have a chance to be absorbed in your body and begin functioning before the season begins. Closed Windows And Doors It's attractive to welcome the cool spring air in; however, if you're suffering from allergies, you might open the door to Pandora's Box. Make sure to turn on the air conditioning to keep the pollen away and cool the temperature within your home. Make Sure Your Home Is Free Of Allergens And Dust Cleansing your home of dust could help in keeping your allergies in control. Dust can contain pollens and other irritating substances that can cause allergic reactions. So, avoid these substances to ensure you don't alleviate your allergy symptoms. Shower At Night Since pollen may stick to your skin, clothes, or hair, it's essential to shower every night to wash away any irritants. Be sure to take off and wash all clothing exposed to pollen. It will be easier to sleep in the night if the pollen isn't at risk of entering your mattress.