6 Tips for travelling with a baby

Enjoy travelling with your little one by following the below tips.

You can’t possibly leave your baby at home while travelling. But with a heavy suitcase, a backpack of souvenirs and a crying baby can be a lot. But it can be made easier.

Follow the below tips for travelling comfortably with your little one.

  • Prepare for the climate

A simple thing is carrying warm clothes for cold weather and short clothes for warm weather. But you need to remember to carry extra clothing for your baby when you are going from cold weather to warm weather and vice versa. Babies also tend to get cold on the flight, therefore, carry extra clothing for them in your carry-on luggage.

  • Get early to the airport

If you have a baby in your hand, it is always advised to get early to the airport. This way you can get the seats with bassinet in long haul flights or an aisle seat for short flights. Whether it is a long or short flight, we recommend getting an aisle seat so you can get up easily to change the baby. You can also call beforehand to reserve or at least put in a request for a bassinet seat.

  • Leave the diapers at home

You can always buy diapers and wipes at your destination, instead of making your luggage heavy with them. Carry enough to get by a day or two, till the time you can figure out your way around at your destination.

  • Carseat for rental cars

If you are going to rent a car at your destination, find one that comes with a car seat. However, if your car is not going to come with a carseat, then get one that clips in your stroller so that you are not carrying one around.

  • Carry ample baby food

Always remember to carry enough baby food for the length of your trip. Yes, you will get baby food at your destination. But what if your baby does not like that brand? Therefore, be prepared for such situations and carry enough baby food.

  • Visit the restroom before your flight

You should board the flight with a dry diapered child to reduce one trip to the airplane lavatory. Therefore, before boarding hit the airport restroom one more time. You can also put on two diapers on your child for extra leak protection. This will ensure that there is less inconvenience for the parents and the people around you.

Be sure to save these tips for your next travel with your baby.

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