6 Things You Did Not Know About Private Jet Travel

Leaving on a jet plane? Here is how to travel in style!

Travelling in a private jet is a dream for many, let alone owning one. The one thing we absolutely love about jets is no security queues! You don’t have to cram into tiny commercial aircraft anymore. Here are the perfect jets that are accessible, and the facts about them will amuse you!

It Could Be Cheaper Than First Class-

It may be too suitable for the ears, but it may be the cheaper option if you travel in groups in your private jet. The price can be evenly split into groups, and the costs will be much lower than they would have usually been. The amenities and fuel are all included in your trip. The next time you choose air travel for your group expedition, calculate the cost and see how much you save.

Nothing Beats The Service-

It is just how you ever imagined. Private jets have the best services around the world. You will be relaxed in the crowd of known people, and you can spread during the hours of your flight—no more worrying about landing time and catching the next gate. The private jet crew are trained to give you the ultimate in-flight experience. The flexibility of flying in comfort allows you to relax at not be bothered about co-passengers elbowing you or stepping on your foot!

The Jets Are Super Fast!

There is a common misconception that private jets take longer to arrive at your destination, but the truth is, private jets are as fast as any other airline. The size of the spacecraft makes up for the time you spend in long queues in the airport. The flight are more direct and reaches straight at your destination.

VIP Private Lounges-

The biggest present you can give yourself is the VIP lounge for your private jet. They are conveniently connected, and the high-end lounges have the same capacity as their commercial counterparts. You might feel like a celebrity having all the attention of the attendants while at the lounge!

You Get A Fantastic Crew-

The crew members you will have your pilot, co-pilot and attending crew. You will be served throughout the flight and meet all requests you have onboard. You can also bring your masseuse or therapist to accompany you to make your flight even more stress reliving.

You Can Choose Your View-

The best part of you can customize your interior and have the view you would like inside your plain. You can make several stops to pick up guests or have a particular route to cover while on the flight.

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