6 Things To Avoid Before Boarding Your Flight

If you are regular with boarding flights every weekend, this article is for you. Read on to know everything you must never do before boarding a flight.

Flying and stress go hand in hand, and be it booking the flight at the best price, getting the right seats, managing your luggage right, or the jet lag, it is never easy. Even if you have boarded a hundred flights by now, there is always a surprise element to each flight you board. So no matter how experienced you are, it’s never too late to learn! Here is a list of things one should avoid before boarding a flight. Read on to know all of them.

Putting All Your Documents In A Small Bag

If you are in the habit of keeping all your essential documents in a separate bag, it might not be as convenient as you think. There is a good chance that you will forget to collect it or it will slip out of notice. You can keep a clear bag and put it in your handbag to make sure you don’t forget it on the counter or taxi.

Not Checking The Way To The Airport

If you have to board your flight while you are in a different city, you must check the distance from your residence to the airport first and then decide for yourself when you need to leave to reach there on time. Also, you must arrange for a vehicle beforehand to make the journey smooth and tension-free.

Not Managing Time Wisely

If you have a habit of pushing things till the last moment, air travel can’t be your favorite mode of transport! No matter what, you have to make sure you reach the airport at least 2-3 hours before departure.

Not Checking-In Online

It is economically beneficial to check in online, and to save time many airlines allow people to check in the luggage from their home itself.

Spending Night At The Airport

In case your flight is not early morning, it is never a good idea to sleep at the airport. The chairs are uncomfortable, and it will only make your backache grow. Also, there is a good chance you might doze off just when the call for boarding of your flight starts.

Paying For Overweight Luggage

Each airline allows you a specific limit for luggage capacity, exceeding which you are asked to pay an extra sum of money. To avoid the unwanted hassle, you should weigh your luggage beforehand and keep the numbers exact.

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