6 Must-visit places in India for coffee lovers

Is coffee your bae? Travel to these breathtaking places around India.

The best way to start your morning is drinking a cup of steaming hot coffee. And many people would agree to this.

No matter how you like your coffee, if you can’t survive without it then visit these below places in India for a 360-degree coffee experience.

  1. Chikmagalur, Karnataka

The first place where coffee was produced in India, Chikmagalur is one of the biggest contributors to the coffee production of the country. This small hill station is a heaven for coffee lovers, as slopes everywhere are covered with coffee bean plantations. With cosy homestays and strong coffee, you can explore the multitude of estates, stay in them and also partake in trekking adventures.

  1. Wayanad, Kerela

Wayanad in Kerala is one of the top places where you can view coffee and tea plantations side by side. With affordable homestays, this Malabar hill station is home to the lush green Western Ghats, waterfalls and a variety of viewpoints. Apart from coffee tours, you can also go hiking to Edakkal caves and rafting in Kuruva Dweep River.

  1. Araku, Andhra Pradesh

Not a well-known coffee destination, Ananthagiri Hills in Araku is home to miles long coffee plantations. The coffee here has a strong and bold taste, and many local tribal take part in the coffee plantation process. Remember to try the organic coffee grown by the local tribe of Araku.

  1. Daringbadi, Odisha

A new addition to India’s coffee plantation area, Daringbadi’s dense forests combined with the coffee plantations ensure that a coffee tour turns into a jungle safari. In addition to coffee, the place also has black pepper plantations maintained by the forest department of the region.

  1. Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

The Jewel of the South, Yercaud is a picturesque place with many coffee and orange plantations. The hills also have India’s first-ever owned coffee plantation, MSP Coffee. With cabins and dormitories as homestays, Yercaud is the perfect place to sip on a cup of coffee, while reading a book and sitting by the bonfire.

  1. Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg is India’s very own coffee district, as you can spot endless stretches of coffee beans drying in the sun and coffee fragrances that engulf the entire place. It is famous worldwide for its mild and fragrant coffee, making it a coffee lover’s dream destination. Visit Coorg in November to get a chance to partake in berry picking.

Pack your bags and leave you coffee beans at home, as you travel these places.

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