6 Motives to Drink From Glass Bottles Only

Explore the health benefits of replacing your ordinary bottles with glass ones.

There is no denying that water is your health’s best friend, and you must keep yourself hydrated at all cost. More so often we have to travel outside and depend on potable water to carry around. That is where the water bottles come into the picture. If you think these fragile glass bottle should be avoided for a lightweight plastic one, you might be innocently jeopardizing your health. Here are the reasons you should drink water only and only from a glass bottle.

  1. Protects From Chemical Contamination-

Not only are they ideal for the environment, but they also protect your health from plastic granules entering your body. Low-grade plastic bottles disintegrate in heat and have molecules of plastic mixing with the water. Leaving plastic water in the sun also mixes the harmful layer with the water. For protecting yourself from any chemical reaction in your system, change it to glass bottles that are absolutely unreactive and will not harm your organs.

  1. Easy To Clean-

Glass bottles can be cleaned easily without worrying about scraping the surface with a scrub. No matter how many times you send the bottle to the washer, the bottle will always retain its clarity, and you can quickly check how clean your water is within.

  1. Easy Refrigeration-

By putting a plastic bottle into the fridge, you will always fear leaching and chemical reaction messing with the taste of the water. Ice formation may even bend the bottle and create permanent damage. By putting a thick glassed bottle in the fridge, you can enjoy cool fresh water no matter how long you leave the bottle there.

  1. Easy Visibility-

For those who like to infuse bottles with fruit chunks, glass bottles will let you have clear visibility of the fruits and drain them out when there is any sign of discolouration of the fruits. It will also not react to the fruit minerals and let you enjoy the vitaminized water without any worries.

  1. Saves Water, Air And Land Pollution-

The production process of plastic bottles takes up more water than can be contained in them! The toxic air and energy used are not worth the product that will go up to be a heap of waste once it is all scratched up.

  1. Easy To Recycle-

A well made strong glass bottle will stay longer without shattering into pieces, and even if it does have a crack, it is way easier to recycle than plastic bottles. Other than overcrowding the plastic heap, you can always opt for a recyclable one to save the environment.

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