6 Mind-Blowing Abandoned Places In The World

The quietest and untouched places around the world that was once home to a buzzing crowd.

The world is full of surprises. From the hottest to most relaxed, crowded to abandoned, there is no place where humans won't set foot. Some of the areas with their enriched history and cultural remains intrigues us to the very core. Wish to visit these mysterious places around the world? Here are some of the unforgotten places void of human touch and are taken over by nature and beauty.

  1. Gunkanjima In Nagasaki-Japan-
Also known as Battleship Island, the distinctive shape resembles that of a war vessel. The 16-acre island was once family to over 5000 workers before it was closed. The present scenario of the place is overgrown grass and weather-beaten buildings. Tours are available in the ruins of Nagasaki harbour, with walkways installed for your safe visit.
  1. Pripyat- Northern Ukraine-
The Chernobyl disaster is etched in our hearts as a global disaster. The devastation caused the evacuation of over 50000 people from the immediate area. The exclusive area is now known as the ghost town. The buildings and grounds are covered with trees and plants that have caused renewed interest in people to visit the place.
  1. President's Heads In Virginia, USA-
In the middle of a seemingly ordinary field in Virginia stands the US president's unexpected bust, each standing nearly 20 feet high. These statues were once on display at Colonial Williamsburg. The abandoned heads have gained new life due to the tourists taking tours and photos throughout the year.
  1. Eastern State Penitentiary- USA
Once an all-time famous prison, Al Capone in a luxury cell, Eastern State Penitentiary is now at remains. The abandoned towers and dilapidated wings make is viable for tourists to visit and take pictures of them. The art installations and information about the current prison system while keeping tourists intrigued by its haunted feels.
  1. Oradour-Sur Glane In France-
The small town is approximately 20 kilometres from Limoges. Home to the most heinous crimes ever created in the history of mankind, the city remains untouched to date. The pre-war tracks and electricity lines go along the town and have a testimonial display of survivors to pay tribute to the victims.
  1. The Fishing Village-China-
Located 40 miles from Shanghai, Houtouwan was once a flourishing fishing village with local communities building impressive homes overlooking the bay. The economic boom led to better professions and wages, and about 3000 residents abandoned the town.