6 Low-Maintenance Pets That Can Take Care OF Themselves

Not all pets need care and attention round the clock; some are self-efficient and can manage to do everything independently. Read on to know them!

A pet is a perfect way to add happiness to your house. But the challenges increase if you share a space with roommates or have kids in the family where keeping pets isn’t easy. The cue is to go for low-maintenance pets. These pets can enjoy their own pace with no concerns. It’s essential to do your research thoroughly and speak to an expert before you decide to adopt pets that require little maintenance since all pets are worth all the love and affection. Read on to know the pets that can be adopted through your busy schedule.


The primary goal of a turtle’s nature is to be calm and collected. Maintaining the same is a breeze. Breeds such as the African side neck and the eastern box do not grow more than one foot, meaning they can remain healthy and happy in a well-equipped aquarium. While cleaning their space and supplying fresh water is essential. However, turtles don’t really need to be fed daily.


Like turtles, tortoise are quiet and do not get in your way. However, if you decide to purchase a tortoise, you should be aware of their diet since certain species require plenty of vegetables, whereas others are carnivore. Tortoises also require more space to move around so, make sure you purchase a spacious pen.


Alongside water and food supply, ensure that you provide good toys for this playful small mammal to enjoy. Not only are they cute, but they are also economical and will even cuddle you when you are feeling the need. This is an excellent choice for youngsters.

Betta Fish

They are stunning and vibrant to behold. Bettas are great for smaller spaces as they don’t require huge aquariums. A note on male betta fish must be kept on their own as they are territorial. However, the females can be a couple.


Guppies can also be fantastic pets like fish. Their diet is primarily everyday fish foods. They’re not demanding when it comes to space sharing and will coexist with other sea creatures.


If you’re looking for pets that show off their presence but do not take too much of your time, Parakeets are a perfect choice. They’re not as chatty as parrots, but they are awestruck by human interaction and can follow simple commands like taking your hand and stepping off your hands. Parakeets require a daily diet, but they are not as hungry.

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