6 Indian comfort foods that beat fancy dishes

The below ghar ka khana beats the fanciest dishes like sushi and pasta.

While travelling or going out for a meal, we prefer giving our taste buds a tour of different cuisines like Italian and Mexican. But we will always come back to home-cooked food because nothing beats the taste and aroma of it.

So, today we give you our list of top desi comfort foods that beats all the fancy restaurant dishes.

  1. Khichdi
Whether you are feeling ill or just down, there is nothing that a bowl of piping hot khichdi can’t solve. A one-pot meal consisting of rice, lentils, crunchy vegetables and spices will always leave you feeling satisfied and full. With generations of a household loving this meal, this one meal brings the entire family together.
  1. Rajma Chawal
The ultimate food combination is a bowl of spicy kidney beans curry and steaming rice. The warm and comforting meal always reminds of maa ke haath ka khana. Rajma Chawal brings a smile to your face, whether you eat it at dinner, lunch or as a midnight meal.
  1. Daal Roti
How could we forget the iconic daal? There is nothing better than dipping light and airy rotis into a bowl of spicy hot daal. And the cherry on the cake is the side onion and chilli salad. Oh, our mouths are watering already.
  1. Idli and Sambhar
Another comfort food is the South Indian dish of Idli Sambhar. A healthy breakfast made of rice and lentils, the dish is full of proteins and the idli consists of no oil. Did you know that the dish is so famous that an entire day is dedicated to celebrating it? Yes, March 30 is marked as World Idli Day.
  1. Chai Pakoda
It is raining or really cold outside. You are tucked in your warm blanket and your stomach starts growling. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Chai Pakoda. This dish is the go-to food across the country to beat hunger pangs during winter or rainy months.
  1. Paranthas
Piping hot aloo paranthas topped with butter and served with cold curd is the tastiest food option to get us through the day. It might not be the healthiest option but it beats tacos, pizzas and burritos.

Did we miss any of your favourite comfort foods?