6 Delicious DIY Lip Scrubs to Make

Pamper the delicate lips with these homemade scrub recipes that will keep your pout supple and soft forever!

Those in love with skincare must have realized by now that lips are the most sensitive part of your face. A little change in weather or irregularity in diet can cause the skin to flake and crumble. Taking care of lips takes more than just a dab of petroleum jelly on them, and we have the perfect scrub to go on it! Here are the choicest recipes for lip scrubs to keep your lips smiling and intact all year round!

  1. Diy Brown Sugar And Honey Scrub-

The coarse consistency of brown sugar exfoliates the skin thoroughly while nourishing the skin with honey. All you need is one spoon honey and a spoon of brown sugar lathered up with half spoon water. Whip up the paste and apply on your lips for the plumpest and softest skin ever.

  1. Coconut Honey Lip Scrub-

The perfect solution to chapped lips is coconut oil! Soothing the inflammation and healing the open scrapes is what the honey and coconut do best. For best results, keep the paste on your lips overnight and rinse it off in the morning.

  1. Shea Butter Sugar Scrub-

Shea butter is the best balm you could apply on your skin. The expert hydrant will keep your lips from drying no matter what pollution and weather they are exposed to. All you need is a spoon of shea butter and half spoon sugar and lather it to a paste and apply on freshly exfoliated lips.

  1. Coffee And Honey Lip Scrub-

If you have that leftover coffee that lost aroma, don’t lose hope for it can heal your dry lips in no time. One of the best exfoliating agents, the spoonful of coffee and honey later will keep your skin clear and supple, and then you can add your homemade shea butter balm on it.

  1. Cinnamon Lip Scrub-

Cinnamon works best for cleansing pores and treating acne. When paired with sugar, it works like magic on the lips. The crumbly texture of the sugar keeps dead skin off while the coconut oil helps mix the ingredients into a perfect paste to keep the scrub.

  1. Vitamin E Lip Scrub-

The natural booster of skin health, vitamin e is most effective in reversing skin damage. Pairing with honey can be the most effecting regenerating scrub to apply on your pale and chapped lips.

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