5 ways robots are changing the world

As Bill Gates said, “Robotics and other combinations will make the world pretty fantastic compared with today.”

If we just go some years backwards, robotics would be nothing but an interesting topic of science fiction novels. But in today’s world of advanced technology, robots have become a part in several fields and are performing tasks which are much beyond human’ capacity. From industries to education system, robots are everywhere and slowly, transforming this world into a better future.

  1. Healthcare: From operating surgeries to providing support to the health workers, from preparing the operation theatre to taking care of the patients, robots have truly become a huge part of the healthcare system. They are also being used in analyzing patients’ data, detecting diseases, disinfecting healthcare equipment and other tasks. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many hospitals deployed robots to operate several critical tasks. Surgical robots, Care robots, Exoskeletons etc are the leading types of robots in the medical field.
  2. Education: While various technological tools have already changed the structure of education system, robots have made education more accessible to people. In a classroom, it’s quite difficult for a single teacher to help each student with personalized learning. Robots have brought a revolution here and are helping students to learn in a much better way. They interact with students, make a good bond with them, listen to their problems and solve them in a more fun way. Also, several schools are deploying robots to teach social skills, personality development and education to the special children.
  3. Robots and manufacturing: Robots are already playing a pivotal role in the manufacturing sectors and doing several difficult jobs to produce more products with less time and lower cost. From handling heavy materials to assembling metal pieces together, from painting the products to final processing, robots have made the whole manufacturing process much easier.
  4. Agriculture and farming: Over the last few years, the robotic technology is also being used in the field of agriculture and farming. With the use of autonomous drones, advanced agricultural machines, robotic greenhouse and a lot more, it has become much easier for the farmers to grow more foods with less time and labour. In several developed countries, robots are being used in plowing, seeding, weeding, spraying chemicals, picking foods and driving tractors etc.
  5. Others: There are several other fields where robots are doing extraordinary jobs and bringing a great revolution. This includes food preparation, waste management, military, public safety industry, mining industry, shopping and a lot more.

As the technology is growing in a rapid speed, robots are becoming more capable and soon, they will start performing things that are beyond our imagination.

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