5 Strange Laws Around the World

A few laws around the world are so strange that they almost sound unbelievable.

Laws might be extremely necessary for the proper administration of any country, but some of these countries are also known for their weird laws. Every country has different culture, people and of course rules. However, some of these laws are so strange that they are borderline ridiculous. Although rare, however, not all of these laws are a exerted with extreme severity. Here are five laws around the world that are so ridiculous you’d find it hard to believe they exist.

Salmon in Suspicion

The English Parliament’s 1986 Salmon Act states it illegal to hold a salmon under suspicious conditions. If a person disposes off or accepts any salmon in conditions where there is reason to believe that it has been illegally fished, the person could face imprisonment for 2 years. While the context of the law makes it a little less strange, but it is still funny nonetheless.

No Frowning in Italy

Milan, one of Italy’s most popular cities holds it illegal for people to frown. The law was laid down during the Austro-Hungarian period following which it was never taken down. According to the law, one is legally compelled to smile always except for occasions like funerals, ill family member or people who work in the hospitals.

Mandatory Entry for Toilet Seekers

Scotland has this absurd law where one is bound to let a person in if they come at the door looking to use a toilet. No matter if the person knocking on the door is a stranger; it is illegal to refuse someone who wants to use your toilet. However, the law is not only absurd but also potentially dangerous since you can’t be just expected to let anyone into your home!

No Weird Names For Babies

Denmark holds it illegal for parents to name their babies something weird. Denmark has official guidelines for naming children. You can either choose a name for your baby from among the already approved names or else you have to approach the government for approval if  you have a different name in mind.

No Heels in Greece

Forget walking in your high heel stilettos while roaming around the historic cities of Greece. Greece has made wearing high heels illegal, but only in some ancient monuments to protect them against damage.