5 smartest animals after humans

As evidence suggests, humans are the smartest animal on earth. But after humans, several other animal species also exhibit smartness. Read ahead to learn more! Smartness has no specific definition. But still, when it comes to smartness, we think about no creature other than humans, considering the standard set by none other than humans. However, research has found that many other species possess some strong cognitive skills. Also, some animals show certain indicators of smartness that scientists are still unable to analyze. In this article, we will discuss some of the smartest animals after humans, in no particular order. Chimpanzees use sign language for communication Both humans and chimpanzees share lots of similarities in terms of behavior. So, it comes as no surprise that chimpanzees are one of the smartest animals on earth. They can learn words, use symbols for objects, and also recognize themselves in a mirror. Moreover, they can crack jokes and make others laugh. Dolphins have the highest brain-to-body size ratio It's a well-known fact that dolphins are highly intelligent. Their brain is structurally very complex and bigger than most of the other species. Dolphins are social animals, and also have a sophisticated language to communicate with each other. Also, they can recognize themselves in a mirror - an ability only a few species have. Moreover, they are well learners, and easily follow the commands of their trainers. Orangutans have distinctive culture Orangutans are social animals, and their cultural activities have long been studied extensively. They are fast learners and use lots of different tools in their natural environment. Also, they have advanced cognitive as well as communication skills. Moreover, surprising as it may sound, they can measure costs and benefits. Rats can solve mazes Rats are extremely smart, and this is why they are widely used for scientific research. Precisely, scientists from all over the world have been documenting their problem-solving skills. They can solve puzzles, and also memorize routes, although having poor eyesight. Moreover, they easily find shortcuts, loopholes, and escape routes in the laboratories. Thousands of rats are being trained to detect tuberculosis in humans. Squirrels are fast learners Squirrels are woodland animals having impeccable memory power. For survival, they use a wide range of strategies, some of which are still not properly understood by scientists. Especially, when it comes to stealing food, squirrels exhibit a high level of intelligence. They even use lots of tricks to hide their food, so that no other animals can find it. The list also includes pigs, crows, pigeons, elephants, octopuses, etc.