5 Reasons Why There Is No Other Place like Mumbai

The city of dreams, Mumbai- Here is every reason why you should visit the place at least once in a lifetime.

Being a citizen of India gives you the liberty to move and settle down in any state you like. Be it job, weather, or just a long trip to meet family and friends, we have travelled far and wide across the mainland, and some places stay with us right in our hearts. One of the most influential cities that have etched in our memory for all good reasons is Mumbai. And here is every reason why it is a city you must visit at least once in a lifetime.

  1. You Will Not Find the Locals Anywhere Else-

The local transport is something you have to experience right in the city. If you take the public vehicles in the town, make sure you are polite to the drivers for them to turn the meter on to ask you the right fare from you. The lifeline of Mumbai, the local trains are sure scary as you can hardly see the train, but once you are in the habit, you will probably miss it in another city.

  1. The Low Budget Of Fashionable Clothes-

Where else would you find designer clothes for just rs 300! With hundreds of stalls filled in every street, you have ample options for choosing the perfect footwear, dress and headgear for yourself. Not to mention the jewellery and street crafts that makes the perfect gifts to hand over to your friends.

  1. The Vada Pav Beats All Fast Food Joints-

Among the cities where street food is worshipped, Mumbai is the best. From the chat masalas, Panipuri and Vada Pav, you will never need to visit the fancy food joints. Be it your midnight cravings or evening hunger pangs, the local stall foods will always be the ones to keep you filled and happy.

  1. The Most Visited National Park In The City-

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park, commonly known as the Borivali National Park, is one of the most attended national parks with over 2 million guests every year. The 2400-year-old Kanheri caves make your safari even more adventurous.

  1. The City Never Sleeps-

There is no end to traffic or liveliness of the city. Even well past midnight, you will always see streets all lit up, and in some corner of the town, people are still awake and working. With wide varieties of shops and people around you can never feel lonely in the city.

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