5 Reasons Michael Scott from ‘The Office’ is the Worst Boss

Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell on ‘The Office’, claimed himself to be the world’s best boss when the truth couldn’t be more different.

A huge pop-cultural phenomenon, ‘The Office’ followed around the employees of Dunder Mifflin, a company led by the office boss, Michael Scott. However, Michael Scott not only is not the ideal boss but has a talent for coming across as a rude, boastful and uncouth idiot who never does a thing right.

Not Keeping His Promises

Michael Scott has always been an expert in showing off and he never leaves a chance to parade around something that could make him look real good. In order to keep up with the charade, he had made numerous promises with no intention of following through with them. For instance, the one time he promised to pay for the college education of a bunch of children, but as you must have guessed by now, he backed out.

Unapologetically Self-Important

To be honest, most people react impulsively at moments of emergency, but leaving your subordinate colleagues to die and running for life is not something a boss is expected to do. When a harmless fire broke out in the office, instead of following a proper fire safety evacuation protocol, Michael pushed his colleagues out of his way and ran for his life in complete panic-stricken mode.

A Bully For a Boss

Michael Scott is a bully with no regards for the feelings of his employees. Toby Henderson, one of the employees at Dunder Mifflin received unfair and biased treatment from Michael for no fault of his own. Michael always found out ways to give him a hard time at the office.

Racist and Offensive to Women

Michael Scott is hands down the most tone-deaf person. He not only disrespects women and blabbers out anything that comes to his mind, but is also extremely racist. He has no regards for anybody and has, in more than one occasion, casually passed racist and sexist comments.

Not Taking Responsibility for his Actions

Michael Scott is not just unapologetic, but always manages to deflect blame for his mistakes and actions. When he runs over one of his employees, he is not just unapologetic about it, but tries to shift blame while attempting to bring a whole bringing a silver-lining perspective into the incident.

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