5 Questions That Every Bride Needs To Ask Her Makeup Artist

The final bridal makeup is as important as the wedding dress or venue and needs to be chosen wisely. Read on to know how to choose the right look for your big day. A wedding calls for a lot of arrangements, and some of them take over 6 months to get settled. Once you have the date fixed, the dress sorted, and the venue booked, it’s time to pay attention to your makeup. No matter which look you settle for, it’s essential to get it done by a professional. If you were wondering what questions you need to ask your makeup artist before finalizing the artist, we have it all. Read on to get your dream look on your D day. Ask For A Portfolio Be it a traditional portfolio or Instagram, it is essential to check out their work before booking them for your wedding. It will help you get comfortable with their skill set, and you can choose a look from them for your wedding. Bringing Their Own Products It is natural for the makeup artist to own more products than you, and mostly they bring their makeup with them, but it is always better to confirm. Also, you must ask them what brand are they using and if you are comfortable using them. If you don’t like using them, you can always ask your makeup artist to use different products. How Do They Charge? Makeup artists have their own packages and charge differently. You have to clarify if your makeup artist charges by the hour or has a fixed rate per person. Make sure you discuss this beforehand to keep no window for surprises. Will They Come To Your Location  Some makeup artists travel to your home, while others prefer doing it at their parlor itself. If you prefer getting it done at your home, they will probably charge extra, and you have to ask them way ahead of the day you are tying the knot.   What Happens In Case Of An Emergency There is no saying when there will be an emergency, and it should be settled what will happen if, for any reason, your makeup artist is unavailable on the day of your wedding. Usually, it is the assistant that takes over, and you must view the works of the assistant as well.