5 Places Around The World With the Best Street Art

See the world through the artistic lenses of these graffiti artists who make the world a colourful place to live in.

As an art lover, you have probably taken a photo of a street graffiti every time you walked passed them. Some lucky cities around the world are blessed with talented people who paint their inspirations on the walls, making them stand out in the crowd and the city a little more colourful. Here are the most decorated cities you must visit to appreciate the culture and history through graffiti art.

  1. New York Street Art-

The Houston Bowery Wall, a hotspot for contemporary art for over 40 years is full of murals and sprayed art of artists. Since the 1960’s the place has been visited by many talent owners who have made an outdoor exhibition of beautiful art with illustrations, tags on cars, walls that have changed the whole aura of the place and converted it into an abode of creativity.

  1. Christchurch Street Art, New Zealand-

Walking down the streets of New Zealand can be more of an emotional journey. The third-largest city is painted to portray the scars of the 2011 earthquake that cracked open many buildings in the town. The fractured landscape invited artists all over the place to decorate the abandoned buildings with art. The city is now visited to witness the unique graffiti decorating the town.

  1. Bethlehem Street Art-

You might not imagine the birthplace of Jesus to be the home of graffiti art, but the high wall in Israel, the hungry artists, have surfaced their political views in the walls. The famous stencils made by British artists have made it a tourist visiting place.

  1. Valparaiso Street Art-

The eight years of the urbanization in Valparaiso has taken over to make it a busy city in Chili. The unique murals on the town are more than what we expect from metropolitans. The colourful street arts are the result of artists not having to ask permission before creating masterpieces on the walls.

  1. Ljubljana Street Art-

The Slovenian capital is the home to 12500 square kilometres of urban real estate. Little outskirts from the city Centre is Merelkova, the autonomous neighbourhood that spills with creativity and street magnificence. The squatted artists of the 1990s who transformed the place with murals glittering through the mosaic make the entire town look like a giant outdoor gallery.

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