5 Indian web series that will warm your heart

Check out the list of 5 Indian web series that are refreshing, joyful and heart warming.

Over the last few years, we got to experience several kinds of web series on the Indian OTT platforms. While most of them are dark and full of crime, vulgarities and sexist contents; there are some shows which work as a breath of fresh air. The refreshing, relatable content and unique storytelling style make these shows lovable by all. Let’s take a look at 5 such Indian web series.

  1. Panchayat (Amazon Prime): Produced by ‘The Viral Fever’, ‘Panchayat’ tells the story of an urban graduate engineer who takes up a job as the secretary of a Panchayat office in a rural village of Uttar Pradesh. The series portrays his journey and how he gradually falls in love with the village and its people. Also it focuses on several social issues in a very warm and comic way. The series contains great direction, beautiful cinematography, soulful music and top notch performances from all the cast members.
  2. Yeh Meri Family (TVF): If you were born in 80’s or 90’s and your childhood was full with emotions and drama, then this web series is a must watch for you. It revolves around a kid (who is studying in 8th standard) and his relationship with his parents and elder brother. It beautifully captures the life of a growing teenager boy, his life issues and how he manages them. A simple story presented in an extraordinary way, the series will definitely fill you with nostalgia and refresh your heart.
  3. Little Things (Netflix): If you had a busy hectic day and feeling low now, then ‘Little Things’ can be the best remedy for you. It tells the story of Dhruv and Kavya (Brilliantly acted by Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar), an urban couple who live together, and the ups and downs in their relationship. It beautifully portrays the emotional journey in a relationship and little insignificant events that make a relationship stronger.
  4. Flames (TVF): ‘Flames’ is a romantic drama series that will fill your heart with a lot of emotions and nostalgia. It tells the story of Ishita and Rajjo (who are studying in 12th) and how they fall in love. Also there are Pandu and Anusha whose story will fill you with a lot of joy. The series brilliantly talks about the teenage life complexities in a very warm and comic way.
  5. Tripling (TVF): Considered as the best Indian web series on road trip, ‘Tripling’ tells the story of 3 siblings and their adventurous journey in a road trip. It is full of fun and it beautifully captures the bonding between siblings. It contains great locations, beautiful cinematography, superb music and brilliant performances from the cast members.

So, which one is your most favourite?

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