5 digital tools for millennial entrepreneurs to grow their business faster

Although starting a business has always been difficult, millennial business owners now have access to a wide range of digital tools that can help them get beyond those obstacles and realise their objectives. These digital tools have several advantages, from improving productivity and internet presence to connecting with top people and optimising operations.

Here are five digital tools that every millennial entrepreneur should consider for growing their business faster.

By leveraging the power of technology, millennial entrepreneurs can not only survive but thrive in today's competitive business landscape.


Leegality is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes transform their legal document processes by completely eliminating the need for physical paperwork. With Leegality, users get access to a host of digital execution tools like eSign, eStamp, Document Operations, Paperwork Automation, and more - all in one unified platform. Leegality is already being used by more than 2000 Indian businesses of all sizes.

With Leegality, the execution process for contracts, forms, and other legal documents becomes fast, easy, and more secure for Indian businesses. Being entirely digital, Leegality also improves compliance, and reduces a business's carbon footprint. Using Leegality means entrepreneurs can stop worrying about paperwork and legal documents - and instead devote time to their core focus - building a business.


PKC provides growth advisory and consultancy services to help organisations expand, scale, and become more efficient. The company offers a host of services spanning management consultancy, software migration & integration, taxation, and financial services. As of today, PKC has worked with over 1000 clients on improving efficiency and output through systems and processes.

Its CRM Tool helps clients to track their leads from multiple services and increase sales conversion and offers analytics through an inbuilt analytics dashboard. Another tool, Due Date Tracker, helps in tracking both statutory and non-statutory compliances. It has a multi-hierarchical escalation system where people get reminders before the due date, and if a task is not completed as per the due date, escalation alerts go to senior management automatically.

PKC enables entrepreneurs to leave daily tasks for them so that they can invest the time saved in focusing on other important tasks.


Slack is a collaboration and communication tool that helps entrepreneurs manage their teams and projects. Slack offers a variety of features that help in everyday tasks such as group chat, file transfer, and workflow. It enables entrepreneurs and teams to interact with their colleagues and collaborate on assignments in real-time.

One of the key benefits of using Slack is that it gives a consolidated platform for all contact and working needs. This means that entrepreneurs may be able to do away with the need for several tools and platforms, resulting in a more efficient workflow. Additionally, Slack interfaces with a wide range of other digital services, like Google Drive and Trello, making it a versatile platform for any organisation.

Narrato Workspace

Narrato Workspace is an AI content creation and collaboration platform that helps busy entrepreneurs and CMOs create content faster with AI and manage their content marketing efforts and team (including writers) all in one place. The platform brings all the essential tools needed to create and collaborate on content under one umbrella, helping speed up the process and boost productivity. It offers AI-powered content planning tools like the SEO content brief generator, AI topic generator, and content calendars. For high-quality content creation, Narrato has a very powerful AI writing tool, ChatGPT integration, and AI images.

Narrato also provides content optimization tools to improve grammar and readability. Entrepreneurs managing a content marketing team can also benefit from the collaboration features on the platform. They can add team members under custom user roles with access control and even manage freelancers on Narrato. Apart from this, features like custom workflows and workflow automation make content creation and team communication effortless.

For businesses that do not have (or want to supplement) the bandwidth to create content, or are looking to scale their content creation efforts, Narrato also has a content marketplace. Narrato Marketplace has thousands of quality-vetted, experienced freelance writers to choose from.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is a free useful tool that allows businesses to track the success of their website. It delivers in-depth information on website traffic such as auto generated reports, audience demographics, traffic analysis and purchase activity analysis, among others. These insights help in improving business performance by providing information about users who are most likely to convert in a certain time.

Entrepreneurs can use Google Analytics to discover areas for development, measure the performance of their marketing activities, and make data-driven choices to help their businesses expand quicker.

Time, your biggest asset

It's the age of entrepreneurs, but establishing a business from scratch is a herculean task. There are many obstacles on the way to get your business up and running, and there are enormous rewards to reap once you make it, which makes it all worth it. Using the tools above will help millennial entrepreneurs grow, streamline processes, improve their digital presence, make it efficient, save cost, and most importantly, allow them that precious little time so that they can get back to the drawing board and chart their company's future.

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