5 Best Southeast Asian foods to try

Travel to the Southeast Asian regions to give your palate a treat to the local cuisine.

Southeast Asian foods are the epitome of flavour. They are known to be a feast for the senses due to their rich spices, taste and flavour. Local culinary masters can turn ordinary everyday ingredients into works of art.

If you are travelling to that part of the world, you can’t come back without trying their lip-smacking food.

Below we give you a list of our favourite five Southeast Asian dishes that you need to try at least once in your lifetime.

  • KhaoSoi in Thailand
A soup-cum-curry, KhaoSoi is made with coconut milk and turmeric sauce cradling soft and crispy noodles. The fried shallots bring sweetness while the chillies give it a hit of spice and the lemon rounds up the dish. It is a staple to Northern Thailand but can also be found in other countries in the region, though the taste can vary.
  • Chili Pan Mee in Malaysia
Served wet or dry, Chili Pan Mee is an iconic noodle dish found at food stalls in restaurants in Malaysia. The thick wheat noodles are smothered with chilli sauce and topped with fried shallots, soy sauce and protein of your choice. The tangy and spicy dish is equivalent to heaven on a plate.
  • Canh Chua in Vietnam
CanhCua is a popular Vietnamese soup dish that originated from the Mekong Delta region. A mix of sour, sweet and savoury flavours, it is made with tomatoes, pineapples, tamarind, okra, bean sprouts and fresh herb to give you a filling, wholesome and delicious dish.
  • NasiLiwet in Indonesia
NasiLiwet is a traditional rice dish that is cooked with coconut milk, broth and seasonings like lemongrass and bay leaves. The soft gooey rice is topped with chilli peppers, vegetables and protein of your choice.
  • Sinigang in Philippines
A sour Filipino soup, Sinigang is made with the fruits of the tamarind tree called sampalok along with green pepper, water spinach, eggplant, diced tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, green beans, onions, ginger and spices. The basic broth used to make the soup contains rice washing and a souring ingredient.

These foods mentioned above are our favourites. However, the actual list of delectable local Southeast Asian foods is endless.