5 Best Places to Visit in Kochi, Kerala

Also called the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”, Kochi is one of the top-rated cities in South India. The entire city is blessed with nature's unspoiled beauty. Also, it boasts a unique cultural as well as historic significance. So, it comes as no surprise that Kochi attracts millions of tourists from all across the world. With a superb amalgamation of traditional charm and cosmopolitan lifestyle, Kochi - the capital city of Kerala - stands apart as a tourist destination by all means. If we just go through history, would find out that this city was once an important trading hub in the southwest coastal region of India. Now, Kochi is widely popular for the impressive range of beautiful places it's home to. Fort Kochi is an old town, rich in colonial beauty Fort Kochi is located in the southwestern part of Kochi. The town stands as a testimony to all the cultural evolutions this region has gone through over the centuries. Thanks to the old-world colonial charm, it sees lots of tourists throughout the year, especially during winter. There are many colorful European structures that transport visitors to the old times. Marine Drive is a popular hangout spot overlooking the backwaters Marine Drive is one of the best hangout spots in the city, if not the best. At dusk, it looks exceptionally beautiful with the view of the serene backwaters. Also, it offers a stunning sunset view that will surely leave you in a beautiful trance. Here, you may spot lots of vendors selling snacks, drinks, and souvenirs at reasonable prices. Cherai Beach is a spectacular site packed with lush coconut groves As many people say, no trip to Kochi is ever complete without visiting the splendid Cherai Beach. Located at a near distance from the main city, the beach is blessed with pristine water, soft golden sands, as well as lush coconut groves. The entire area mostly remains secluded, making it an ideal destination for those craving some solitude amidst the laps of nature. St Francis Church is a centuries-old monument exhibiting Portuguese style of architecture St Francis Church is an architectural wonder in the truest sense of the term. It was originally built (with the name Santo Antonio) in 1503 by the Portuguese and went on to become one of the most significant Catholic churches in the country. Moreover, it's the burial ground of the world-famous explorer Vasco-da-Gama. The structure looks stunning with its baptism floor, the channel roof, the pinnacle, etc. Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary is an ideal place for wildlife lovers Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary provides shelter to a number of elephants, some of which have been mistreated for years in the entertainment industry. Here, the gentle giants are trained and nurtured with utmost care. You can visit here for a one-day trip, and spend some close time with the animals. In addition, it also allows you to have a picnic with your close ones. The list also includes Mattancherry Palace, Veeranpuzha Beach, Folklore Museum, etc.