5 best multimedia software to use

Amongst all the multimedia software out there, the following ones are the most user friendly and easy to access.

Multimedia software is a type of software that allows us to combine text, image, sound, video, animation, graphics and more. This software is widely been used in various multimedia presentations to enhance its quality and make it more appealing to the audience. As it’s in a very high demand in today’s market, one who masters this field has abundant opportunities to pursue in the professional world. So, if you are a beginner and looking for the best multimedia software to use, read on the following list.

VLC media player: The VLC media player is a very popular software which can be used in both mobiles and computers. Developed by the company VideoLAN Project, this software is free and packed with numerous features like it can auto-rotate the video, restarts the video from the latest point, allows the users to add subtitles easily, permits to convert the video into a different format etc. As it supports all kinds of audio and video formats, the users can use it without dealing with much difficulties.

Picasa: Picasa is a free and user-friendly multimedia software allowing us to view, edit and organize images on the computer. Also available for smartphones, this software was originally developed by Lifescape Company and later sold to Google. It allows the users to create photo albums which can be shared with others. One needs to follow several steps to download this software on their system.

Windows movie maker: Windows movie maker is widely been used to create and edit videos. Developed by The Microsoft Company, this software allows the users to upload their videos directly to Facebook, OneDrive, YouTube etc. All you need to do is place the video on the software’ timeline, then it is ready to be splited, replicated, repositioned and more. Also, it offers plenty of features and tools which help make the final product more interesting.

Media Monkey: Media Monkey is another popular multimedia software which comes in both free and paid versions. While the basic software is free, one needs to pay some money to access its additional features. Developed by Ventis Media Inc., this software allows the users to edit audio files easily and convert them into other formats. Also, it supports podcasts through the podcatcher.

Adobe Photoshop: Although Adobe Photoshop is not free, its wide range of features make it a perfect software for people in the raster graphics editing field. Developed by the Adobe Systems, this software supports several types of graphics file formats. Providing features like 3D graphics, vector graphics and more, it is accessible only on computers.

The list also includes some other software including Inkscape, MAGIX Music Maker, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro etc.

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