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4 times unruly passengers on flights went viral for their antics

From trying to open a flight door midair to punching a steward, these stories of unruly passengers will leave you shocked.

While flying, people are expected to behave in a certain way to ensure that their journey and that of others travelling with them remains safe and pleasant. However, there are occasions when the behaviour of unruly passengers makes one wonder “Didn’t they get the memo?” From trying to open a flight door midair to punching a steward, here are some recent stories of flyers that will leave you in disbelief.

1. Passenger opens emergency plane door

This shocking incident took place when an Aeromexico flight was waiting for takeoff from the Mexico International Airport. A man opened the exit door of the flight and climbed onto the plane’s wing to go for a walk. He did this after waiting inside the plane during a five-hour delay. He was arrested once he re-entered the aircraft.

2. Man punches a steward

A man was taken into custody by police after he punched a steward in the face, which made him fall to the ground. The incident took place on a Thai Airways flight flying from Bangkok to London. The man first went around smashing things inside the plane bathroom and later engaged in a fight with the flight staff and fellow passengers when they tried to stop him. During the commotion, he punched the steward..

3. Man tries to open door midair

A man caused a disturbance on an American Airlines flight when he tried to open the emergency door in midair. “One of the scariest days of my life. Flying back home from ABQ and we’ve been in the air for about 30 minutes and a huge gust of wind comes out of nowhere. This guy opened the emergency exit door. People were tackling him down and put him in zip ties. Had to emergency land back,” an X user wrote and shared a video. The clip shows the man being escorted out of the aircraft by authorities.

4. Man buys two first-class tickets, demands seat for three

A man in China caused a flight to be delayed for three hours after he engaged in an argument over a first-class seat on a flight from Beijing to Chengdu. The man reportedly purchased two first-class tickets and one for his son in economy class. However, when the child started crying, he demanded a free upgrade. The passenger continued demanding the seat even after refusal from the flight crew. He was later escorted off the plane by police.

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