4 Songs In Wong Kar Wai Films That Were Made Iconic

It is awfully common that when a song features in a movie soundtrack it comes back in style again!

The soundtrack of features is perhaps one of the most important parts other than the main technical aspects of the project like the production, narrative, cinematography and the star cast. In the overall memorability factor that  depends on several things but one of the biggest advantages a work can have is a memorable soundtrack, many times it is seen that old songs are brought back into the consciousness of people and they become fresh again and they begin to feature on charts. One of the best ways to understand if a soundtrack has reached into the minds of audiences, particularly young adults, is that they show a keen interest towards discovering the old songs used in the projects. This initiates a very interesting conversation between the young generations and the music of the yesteryear's. This also Bridges the gap between the generations. This list contains the songs that have been made iconic in the works of this Hong Kong Auteur. This also contains many tracks that are just instrumentals and not songs, but their use in and cinematic quality have their status iconic. Using old songs and also music from different cultures and languages is not the main traits of his works so the selections will not be of a particular language but will be containing an overall impact wise soundtracks

Cucurrucucu Paloma

Used in the most tasteful way, Cucurrucucu Paloma is a Spanish track that was featured in his sixth feature Happy Together this is a stand out in a brilliant soundtrack, this is placed in an iconic scene where the titular characters are going to see the Iguazu Falls.

Yujemi’s Theme

One of the most iconic pieces of music associated with cinema itself, this music is synonymous with any cinephile around the world as it signifies slow motion shots, melancholy and deeply saturated colour tones, a truly iconic theme music. The cinematography in this particular musical piece is even more brilliant when paired with the track, and it’s impossible to imagine one without the other.

California Dreaming

This particular song was not used in its original version rather as a cover but that did not reduce the impact of the 60s classics in any way shape or form. The song created a craze for this particular song and now most cinema lovers will remember this song for the film.

Tango Apasionado

Another iconic instrumental track, used in happy together his sixth feature, this track evokes strong emotions and a heavy sense of melancholy and it pairs very well with the mood of the project.