4 Reasons you should visit Milan at least once

Put Milan on the top of your must-visit city list during a vacation to Italy.

While Milan is known as the Italian fashion capital, the city also boasts of art, architecture and historical locations that make it a magnet for designers, photographers, artists and alike. It is a city of all with an elegant vibe and hidden treasures.

Here we give you four reasons why Milan should be a must-visit destination.

Diverse and picturesque architecture

Milan has an abundance of magnificent buildings constructed by the world’s best architects. From Renaissance to Neoclassical, the city hosts architecture from all periods. You can witness the Renaissance-style Santa Maria Della Grazie, a UNESCO World Heritage Site or the 19th-century masterpiece Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. In the Porta Venezianeighbourhood, the Art Nouveau townhouses feature geometric stained-glass windows, ornate metalwork and floral motifs.

The fashion capital of the world

Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world known for its exquisite fashion weeks and well-dressed citizens. The beating heart of the city is Quadrilaterod’Oro or the “Golden Rectangle”. It has a high concentration of haute couture including flagship stores of some of the most well-known brands like Gucci, Fendi, Prada and more. Oozing of charm and refinement, the area is filled with gawking tourists and sophisticated shoppers.

Lip-smacking cuisine

The exciting food scene of Milan goes beyond Italian and Milanese cuisine. In terms of both food and atmospheric settings, the culinary world is overflowing with experimentation and creativity. You can visit Tokuyoshi, which offers a food journey between japan and Italy with surprises like aubergine panna cotta. If you want to try authentic Italian cuisine then Milan should be your first choice.

The lush greenery

While Italy has business and modernization, it hasn’t shied away from giving the city a breath of greenery. The city’s largest park is located right in between the Brera District and the cathedral. The garden has historic sights like the Art Library and Egyptian museum, in addition to Palazzo Della Triennale – an organization that curates cultural events and art exhibitions. The combination of nature and culture will take your breath away.

If you are looking for a place that combines the cultural tradition of Italy with a modern twist, then Milan is the most incredible city to experience.

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