4 Films That You Should Watch If You Are Interested In Fantasy

Fantasy in fiction is one of the ways to let your imagination fly and this medium has many examples!

Fantasy is a genre in fiction where creators can let their imagination loose and go with anything. Fantasy films entail a lot of world building and in some cases even extensive world building and even the thinking about the tiniest detail which might seem extreme but is extremely normal in case of fantasy stories. The demarcation however of that subgenre is very important.  Many genres that can be considered a fantasy start from epics to even horror in some cases, but these genres are purposefully not included as they are considered separate themselves.

This list includes a range of works that can be considered fantasy and are fantasy adjacent, which means each of the work will contain extensive world building and even details related to building a narrative from the ground in fantasy one of the most important elements is the suspension of disbelief and the blurring of the line between the screen and the audience so the viewers are completely taken by the world and its characters and are completely emotionally invested in the main narrative that surrounds that particular fantasy.


Made by one of the greatest fantasy makers of the medium, Brazil is an absolute benchmark for an already stacked genre that is filled with great examples. Terry Gilliam made sure he used the greatest extent of world building and character development to utilise the genre to its fullest extent.


Another work by one of the pioneers of the Medium and a true visionary Fritz lang, the project was officially the part of a movement that was a cornerstone in terms of the aesthetic development of the medium German Expressionism and apart from a fantasy it can also be referred to as a science fiction.

The Wizard Of Oz

The single greatest achievement of early Hollywood after the advent of sound it is perhaps one of the best made fantasy films of all time, taken from one of the most popular children's Story of the same name, the two worlds are clearly separated in the runtime of the project as one in a monochromatic tone and the other part is colour.

Narnia Series

Another Adaptation of a popular book, this iteration of the narrative on the medium served as an introduction to many as their first taste of fiction and fantasy.

Pan’s Labyrinth

The only work not in the English language on this list Pan's Labyrinth is an absolute emotional roller coaster made by perhaps one of the best voices to come out of Mexico. The work is perhaps best known for its stark visual presentation and again world building.