3 Tips To Improve Your Screenplay Writing Skills

Writing fiction is probably the hardest in terms of creative storytelling!

In the department of fiction writing there are many kinds and demarcations, all fiction stories  aren’t the same and it really depends on the medium in which the story is finally being seen. Writing is one of the oldest ways to tell stories other than paintings ever since there was papyrus. Human civilization has tried to write its history and several stories within it, sometimes the stories take the shape of epics and sometimes it is simply a tale of good and evil or a fable even. As the years progressed fiction writing has many faces, novels, and then theatre and finally cinema or script writing. Each of these types of fiction have to be carefully written and all of them are different as they represent separate media all together.

This piece will focus on the ways to improve one’s screenplay writing skills. One of the most important distinctions to understand before venturing into cinema narrative is between script and screenplay, script is the overall treatment of the project which includes characterisation, plot and the whole arc of project, where as screenplay is referred to as the blueprint of the film, which dictates what exactly the audience sees on screen and also serves as the only guide to the other people who are working the that project it is the most important document any production and it is the very foundation as well. That being said, it is also a very precise and specific art form.

This list will go through ways in which one can drastically improve their screenplay writing skills, by combining methods from professional writers and cinema narrative experts who have decades of experience. All of the tricks might not be applicable to everyone but the points are universal if one wants to be adept in screenplay writing practice.

Reading Screenplays of Your Favorite Works

It is very important to have a point of reference in case of screenplay, one the best practices to improve your own writing is to refer to screenwriters and narratives that you admire. This will also enable you to understand the translation from script to screen.

Writing ten Pages a Day

For any aspiring writer it is important to practise, and one of the best ways to learn screenwriting is to write  and writing ten pages each day will give you a fair amount of practice. This will also help you get great ideas and separate them from the bad ones.

Analyse the Three Act Structure

One of the most basic things to know before writing a screenplay is the three act structure. It will be your guide to a well formed and interesting narrative.