3 Of The Best Indian Films In Last Decade That Are Not From Bollywood

The fanfare of Bollywood often takes away from many works that are outside its domain!

Over the last decade the main industry of feature films in the nation, Bollywood, has seen a sharp decline. In the current scenario Bollywood is no longer the industry that’s the most popular one in the country, due to the rise in streaming services many industries from the southern part of the country have seen a huge boom, and stars from the these industries have now become household names and many project from the these states are recognised even outside of the country for its sheer brilliance and also its ingenuity. Yet the most important factor in the success of these projects have to be the fact they are culturally authentic and rich. If one has to however look beyond the industry and go the artistic side of things there are also many projects over the past decade that have expanded the language of the Indian Panorama. Many of these works get overlooked due to a myriad of factors such as the lack of awareness among the general population still and also the lack of accessibility for these kinds of work even after the advent of widespread internet and streaming services.

This list contains these understated works that have forged their way into critical acclaim and at the same time have also managed to take the medium forward with the country’s place in it. The works are curated in no particular order and don’t focus on a particular state or region the impact of the project however is the imperative to determine whether it features on the list or not. Another important barometer of the curation is the method of production which has to be very different from that of other major commercial industry features.

Laila Aur Sat Geet

Made by a former actor Pushpendra Singh it is an independent project shot entirely in the hills of Kashmir. It is based on an old folk tale, its cinematography is rich and it has great performances from the entire cast. A must watch for fans of a slower paced and methodical cinema.


Another low budget independent work which has its roots in the city of Noida, made by Kanu Behl, the narrative tells a very rooted Indian story with all the hard hitting realities of the society. The project garnered international praise as it was an official selection in the Cannes International Film festival.


A virtuosic work made by one the greatest imagists working in India Amit Dutta. It is a narrative about paintings of Nainsukh of Guler and is also shot in the style of his paintings.


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