3 lip balms that you can prepare at home

Your lips need nourishment, especially in the harsh weather.

So, needless to say, that a lip balm is a must-have thing in your daily skincare regime.

And as the experts suggest, there’s no better option than making it on your own.

How? Read ahead to find out!

Most people tend to use store-bought lip balms whenever suffering from chapped lips. However, those products contain certain chemicals that do more harm than good in the long run. But there’s nothing to worry about, as you can prepare an amazing lip balm on your own, using only the kitchen ingredients.

Beeswax + Coconut Oil + Honey + Vitamin E Oil: Provides luster to your lips

Beeswax is highly beneficial to treat dry, chapped lips. Also, it can protect your lips from harmful UV rays. Coconut oil is loaded with moisturizing properties. Thanks to the exfoliating properties, honey can remove dead cells from your lips. On the other hand, vitamin E oil prevents irritation and regenerates new cells on the surface of your lips. First, boil a teaspoon of beeswax until it melts down. Add a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil and a few drops of raw organic honey to the melted beeswax, and mix the ingredients well. Now, add some vitamin E oil and wait until the mixture gets cool.

Shea Butter + Beeswax + Coconut Oil + Almond Oil + Honey: Provides hydration to your lips

Shea butter is a common ingredient to be found in many lip balms available in the market. It’s loaded with nutrients that help soften the lips and also provide anti-aging benefits. Almond oil removes dead cells from your lips’ skin and keeps them healthy for a long time.

As previously mentioned, beeswax, coconut oil, and honey are good for chapped lips. First, mix 1 teaspoon of shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil and then heat it for a couple of minutes. Then, add 1 teaspoon honey and a few drops of almond oil to the mixture and wait for it to cool down. Now, your lip balm is ready!

Cocoa Butter + Candelilla Wax + Jojoba Oil + Almond Oil + Vitamin E Oil: Protects your lips from various issues

Cocoa butter is rich in natural antioxidants that benefit your lips in several different ways. It adds a hydrating layer to your lips, thus protecting them from harsh weather. Candelilla wax provides extra moisture to your lips, making them soft to a great extent. Loaded with vitamins & minerals, jojoba oil helps soothe dry, chapped lips.

And as previously mentioned, both almond oil and vitamin E oil are beneficial for your lips. First, mix 2 teaspoons cocoa butter with 1-gram candelilla wax and then boil it for some minutes. Then, add 2 teaspoons each of jojoba oil, almond oil, and vitamin E oil and stir thoroughly. Let the mixture cool down, and your lip balm is ready to use!

All the above-mentioned lip balms absorb quickly into your lips, and so, do not leave any greasiness.

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