3 Film Critics To Read If You Plan To Write Film Reviews

'Cinema reviews' are a completely different style of writing within the medium!

Cinema as an art form has evolved over the years to include several different allied art practices around it. One of the most important ways that cinema has spread its popularity among the masses is by word of mouth and particularly the word of mouth it got from several publications in the form of reviews. Back in the studio era a good review would mean that the audiences would flock to theatres to watch a particular production and bad review could even topple the finances of major studios one the major reasons for this was the absence of trailers, screeners or additional promotional material for a project a review would be the most important factor to determine the success of a feature in the court of public opinion.

Other than the commercial aspect of the medium, reviews and many reviewers were reasons for major film movements and the aesthetic development of the medium, one of the greatest examples of this is the French new wave. Also another important factor to consider is that in the later stages well crafted reviews were the only way into the cinemas and works from other countries making their way around the world when there was no such thing as the internet. If you want to be a reviewer one of the most important and  valuable things you can do is start reading reviews from these early important cinema writers who have paved the way for the art form to become the most popular and at the same time artful medium on the entire planet.

This list contains essential reviewers that one must read in order to form an idea about true aesthetics and techniques of cinema reviewing and also the proper study materials which can sharpen one's cinematic understandings and help them analyse a project in more detail and in greater depth.

Henri Langiois

Perhaps one of the greatest film writers to have ever written Henri was a French writer and the head of the Cahier Du Cinema magazine, a publication that exists to this day, and it was an instrumental force behind the Nouvelle Vague. In fact all the major proponents of the movement including Jean Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut were his students.

Pauline Kale

One of the greatest American cinema writers, Kale was the reason many young aspiring artists were aware of foreign cinema and her reviews are works of art.

Roger Ebert

The epitome of modern reviews Ebert drove the medium of reviews into the new era, he also predicted the iconic status of projects which are now considered classics.