3 Active volcanoes around the world you can see up close

Do you love watching the footage of a volcano erupting? Scroll below for some active volcanoes you can visit.

Active volcanoes are becoming a popular tourist destination. You can hike, climb, and ski to the volcano location. Alternatively, you can jump on a plane or helicopter to take in the magnificent sight of the many active volcanoes.

So, if you are looking to add adventure to your travel destination, visit the below active volcanoes.

  • Mount Etna in Italy
Without any mountainous competitors, Etna dominates the skyline of the city of Catania and eastern Sicily. You can visit the highest allowed point of Etna, which is 2,920m and be back in one afternoon. Witness the solidified lava that has flown down for centuries reach the town and villages on all levels of the mountains.

You can drive, cycle or take a bus from Catania to 1,923m where you hop on a cable car and a bus trip to the highest possible point. Alternatively, you can also take the train, which travels around the base of Mount Etna.

  • Mount Bromo in Indonesia
Located in East Java, a region known for its volcanic activity, Mount Bromo is what volcanoes look like in pictures and videos – constantly fuming and the surrounding area looking like a wasteland.

Take public transport or private car to reach Cemoro Lawang, the village on the brink of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. From there you can either book a tour or head by yourself to Mount Bromo.

  • Whakaari in New Zealand
If you thought New Zealand was all about the stunning beaches and mountains, you have got another thing coming. Whakaari is the world’s most easily accessible active volcano, located off the shore of the North Island in the Bay of Plenty. With the smouldering volcano, the place is really colourful owing to the levels of sulphur on the island.

To visit the active volcano amidst New Zealand, you can either take a chopper or a 90-minute boat ride. You are dropped off right into the crater without any hiking. However, you will be required to wear hard hats and masks for safety purposes.

Even though these active volcanoes are safe to visit, you should be aware of the risks associated with them, as Mother Nature can be unpredictable. Read up on safety guidelines to follow before visiting the volcanoes and follow them to their word.