18 interesting facts you probably didn't know about the human eyes

Eyes are mysterious and these crazy facts about the human eyes will blow your mind.

Eyes are one of the most important and complex organs in a human body. Because of those eyes, we can see and experience the magical beauty of the World. Here, we have arranged some fascinating facts about the human eyes that you probably didn't know.

  1. Red, blue and green are the only three colours our eyes can see. The other colours are nothing but the combination of these three colours.
  2. While our nose and ears grow throughout lifetime, our eyes stay the same size.
  3. The weight of an average eyeball is around 28-29 grams.
And only 1/6th portion of an eyeball is visible.
  1. Eye is the fastest and most active muscle in a human body.
Now you can understand the true significance of the phrase "in the blink of an eye."
  1. Can you imagine how many times we blink in a year? It's 4,200,000 times on an average.
  2. Our eyes blink a lot more when we are talking.
  3. Babies (until 6 years old) don't produce any tears while crying.
Also, our ability to produce tears decreases with our age.
  1. There are 107 million light sensitive cells in an individual eye.
  2. Blind people can also see dreams unless they were born blind.
  3. Our eyes actually work like a camera. It captures lights onto the retina and then sends the data back to the brain. Then brain operates our vision.
The human eyes are of 576 megapixels in camera term.
  1. An eyelash has an average lifespan of 5 months.
  2. In a human body, cornea is the only tissue where there is no blood vessels.
  3. Brown is the most common eye colour in the World. Of World's total population, more than 55% people have brown eyes.
  4. Human eyes are made up of around 200 million working parts. Huge, isn't it?
  5. There's a condition named heterochromia in which people have two different eye colours.
  6. At every second, the human eyes can focus on 50 seperate objects.
  7. Cornea is the most important part in the eyes. Damage of cornea is the most common reason behind vision problems.
Human's cornea and shark's cornea are very similar in nature.
  1. We blink less when we stare at a computer or mobile screen for a long time. The eye muscles can't relax and this makes our eyes tired.
Human eyes are incredibly amazing. So, don't take your eyes for granted and do take care of it.