18 amazing Science facts that will blow your mind

If you hate science and consider it as a boring topic, then these science facts may change your perspective.

Science is a lot more interesting than what we read in those high school books. Actually, the beauty of science lies in its mystery. The fact that we still don't know much about the universe, the environment, or even the human body; fascinates us a lot and makes us curious to know more and more about science and scientific facts. Here, we have gathered 18 amazing science facts that you probably didn't know.

  1. There is no atmosphere in space and as sound can't travel without a medium, space is silent.
  2. The waves in the oceans are caused due to the gravitational pull between earth and moon.
  3. Light takes about 8 minutes 19 seconds to travel from sun to earth.
  4. Human teeth are so strong that it can be compared with shark teeth.
  5. There are three hearts and nine brains in the body of an Octopus.
  6. While an adult human body has 206 bones, newborn babies have almost 300 bones in their body.
  7. Metals like Sodium, Lithium, Rubidium, Potassium and Caesium are so radioactive that they explode when react with water.
  8. We don't sense any smell while sleeping.
  9. We all dream multiple times at night and forget most of it as soon as we wake up. An average person dreams about 15,000 times a year.
  10. Have you ever wondered why the eggs are of different shapes? Well, it depends on the bird's flying ability.
  11. Most of Earth's oxygen is produced by the rainforest. But some marine creatures such as seaweed, plankton and other photosynthesizers produce oxygen that we breathe.
  12. A cloud is heavier than you could ever imagine. It weighs over a million pounds.
  13. Bananas are slightly radioactive as they contain potassium.
  14. An average human gene contains 3 billion base pairs of DNA. If you could line up all of them, it would easily cover the distance between sun and earth for over hundred times.
  15. We can see only 5% of the universe, as 95% of it is made up of dark matter and dark energy.
  16. There are 39 trillion bacterial cells in an average human body. Yes, it's almost 10 times more than the human cells in our body.
  17. The total distance an average person walks in his/her whole lifetime, is equivalent of walking four times around the world.
  18. In just 2.3 billion years, the sun will become so hot that it will be impossible for life to exist on earth.
So, which fact amazed you the most?