17 Interesting facts you didn’t know about dream

Did you know these crazy and interesting facts about dream?

Dream is a part of our sleep. While sleeping, we often visualise a series of images, emotions and ideas in our mind. We may or may not understand or remember what we see in our dreams, but those dreams are special to us. It is because they are the desires of our subconscious mind. Dream can be mysterious, exciting, satisfying, fascinating or even terrifying. Here are some interesting facts about dream that will make you go crazy.

  1. As soon as we wake up, we immediately forget almost all dreams. People who remember their dreams have different kind of brain activity.
  2. We all dream every night. A normal person dreams for around 2 hours every night. Just like humans, animals also dream.
  3. While dreaming, we can’t read anything at all.
  4. Blind people dream too. Blind people who were not born as blind, see images in their dreams. And people who were born as blind don’t see any images in their dreams, they just feel other senses.
  5. We can have multiple dreams per night. We can see 4 to 7 dreams per night.
  6. In our dreams, we see people that we have seen in our life. We don’t see any unknown face in our dreams.
  7. While dreaming, we experience more of negative emotions than of the positive emotions.
  8. There’s a 52% chance that the incidents you see while dreaming, will actually occur in your real life. Although, there’s no scientific proof of this.
  9. If the temperature of your room is colder than the average temperature, then the chance of having bad dreams increases.
  10. Dreams don’t always have straight forward meaning. It is often symbolic and contains secret messages.
  11. Although most of the people dream in colour, there’s 12% people in the world who dream in black and white.
  12. Some researches show that men and women dream differently. While men’s dreams contain more physical activity, women’s dreams contain more conversations.
  13. The more stressed you are, the worse dreams you get to see. If you want to see happy dreams, lower your stress level.
  14. Our brains are more active during sleep than during we are awake. This is why we often tend to do physical activities in our dreams.
  15. Dreams can be creative. Just an interesting fact, Rabindranath Tagore got the idea of his novel ‘Rajarshi’ in his dream.
  16. We are actually paralyzed when we dream in REM (Rapid eye movement, a part of sleep when we dream the most) sleep.
  17. There’s a type of dream when we are actually aware that we are dreaming. This dream is called Lucid dream.

So, what kind of dream do you see while sleeping?

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