100 Years of Hollywood Excellence: Warner Bros.' Historic Legacy Unveiled in Captivating Docuseries

Tune in to HBO Max on May 25 for the first two specials, with the following two becoming available for viewing on June 1.

In celebration of Warner Bros.' centennial milestone in 2023, a remarkable gathering of over 50 influential actors, filmmakers, industry insiders, and notable figures has contributed their insights for an upcoming documentary film titled "100 Years of Warner Bros." This captivating documentary, set to stream on HBO Max, transcends a standalone piece and is thoughtfully divided into four distinct original specials.

Notable features

Notable personalities who were interviewed for the documentary include Quinta Brunson, LeVar Burton, Tim Burton, George Clooney, Ellen DeGeneres, Clint Eastwood, Toby Emmerich, Morgan Freeman, Gal Gadot, Andy Garcia, Jesse Palmer, Todd Phillips, Daniel Radcliffe, Keanu Reeves, Charles Roven, Martin Scorsese, Jacqueline Stewart, Oliver Stone, Emma Thomas, Cass Warner, Oprah Winfrey, and Constance Wu, among others.

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, the documentary specials were skillfully directed by Leslie Iwerks, a filmmaker recognized for her Academy Award and Emmy nominations. Serving as executive producers are Iwerks, Mike Darnell, Brooke Karzen, Dan Sacks, and Bridgette Theriault. Additionally, Rebecca Ratliff Cameron, Richard Burgio, and Stacey Thomas-Muir contribute as co-executive producers to bring this project to life.

Scorsese's statement

In the preview of the docuseries "100 Years of Warner Bros.," Martin Scorsese eloquently expresses, "The thing about Warner Bros., they were there at the very beginning — not only pioneering an art form but also shaping an entire industry — and you had to possess resilience. We all turned to Warner Bros. for films that possessed a distinctive essence and dared to take risks."

The mesmerizing trailer

Within the specials, viewers can expect a captivating blend of film and television excerpts that intricately weave together the narrative of the illustrious studio, originally established by four visionary brothers during the early 1920s.

Here are the descriptions for each episode's storyline:

The Stuffs That Dreams Are Made Of

"Four brothers set out to build a movie studio from the ground up–while making a giant leap from silent films to "talkies." As the Warners stand up to WWII Nazism, personal ambitions lead to family betrayal."

Clint, Kubrick and Kryptonite

"After a historic sale, Warner Bros. navigates the upheavals of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Under a new strategist CEO, the company enters an era of unmatched storytelling with groundbreaking projects."

Heroes, Villains and Friends

"In the ‘80s, a new generation helps crown Warner Bros. as a forerunner in Hollywood’s blockbuster age. After a historic merger, the company becomes one of the biggest entertainment giants in the world.2."

Wizarding World and The Big Bang

"As the millennium brings a new era of business partnerships bookended by mergers, Warner Bros. continues to champion authentic voices while harnessing the latest technologies of the digital age."