Yoga myths you need to stop believing

Just know better.

Before gym equipment, before kegels, before resistance training, before any kind of mind and body wellness therapy there was yoga. The practice of yoga has been around since the ancient times. With the years advancing, yoga has been studied and practiced and have become a wholesome wellness practice irrespective of any limitation. It is a scientific system to bring about mental and physical wellness. But over the years, yoga has developed myths. We are here to debunk them.

Here are the most common myths about yoga that we need to stop believing.

You must be flexible to do yoga

One of the common myths about yoga is that you must be flexible to do yoga. The common myth is having a body like a contortionist, who can twist and turn their body in any direction, and yoga needs that kind of flexibility. It is not a fact. The whole point of yoga is being mindful of breathing and mindful movement. Flexibility comes later.

Yoga is for women

Though yoga is most practiced by women, the scene has changed over the years. Scroll through social media and you are c=bound to find that yoga is not gender specific at all. More awareness about yoga has led to breaking such myth as more men join the wellness of mind and body and practice yoga.

Yoga is just another type of exercise

We have heard it often: yoga is all about stretching, yoga is another type of exercise. This couldn’t be further away from the truth. Yoga connects mind, body and spirit. It is more than physical ability. Yoga trains all three, focuses on breathing while improving strength, flexibility, and balance. Its purpose is to relax and bring peace.

You must skip yoga during menstruation

One wildly believed myth is menstruating women must skip yoga as certain poses cause the backflow of blood that can cause endometriosis. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove that backward leaning poses cause harm and it has been proved that there is no correlation between those two.

Doing yoga will make you happy

Whether it is to promote benefits of yoga aroundbut practicing yoga won’t automatically make you happy.

Advanced yoga means you are better at yoga

Some believe the epitome of mental, physical, and spiritual peace is being able to advance poses like overhead stand, it being able to bend further backwards. It is not a competition. It takes years to realize that less is better for yoga as long as you are doing it right and breathing correctly.

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